Our philosophy

Le Neptune

At Le Neptune we offer a living cuisine, balanced and close to nature, which is also creative, innovative and unconventional.

Our intention is to present you with a gourmand, generous cuisine that remains healthy and digest. We think that feeding oneself is an important act and our responsibility is to give you pleasure while at the same time ensuring that what you taste with us is also good for you.

This responsible approach of the living is an integral part of our philosophy. This explains that we are very strict with our selection of products that is presented on your plate. We cook the best ones from the region, carefully chosen on the market, grown from organic agriculture, from small producers, local vegetable growers, artisanal fishermen. It is then up to us to sublimate these top quality products by transforming them as little as possible to keep their nutritive, energetic and gustative powers.

Faithful to the Chef’s spirit, it is also an open, non-dogmatic cuisine, which can be adapted to suit individual tastes and preferences.

We apply these principles in a transversal way within our restaurant. Our wines are produced by independent winemakers who share with us a passion for products of exceptional quality.

We are convinced that such daily commitments are the secret behind a cuisine that nourishes our bodies, charms our minds and delights our senses.